Chocolate Assortment Gift Box

Chocolate Chocolate Assortment Gift Box

Dark, milk and white chocolates and truffles created in the Belgian tradition, presented in our exclusive elegant high gloss copper Chest Gift box, available in six sizes.

(1lb = 16oz)
Approx. # of Chocolates$
Box No. 15.8oz/165g19$26.00
Box No. 27.5oz/212g25$33.00
Box No. 311.6oz/330g39$51.00
Box No. 415.8oz/447g50$67.00
Box No. 5*19.9oz/565g65$85.00
Box No. 6*24.1oz/682g78$99.00

* Boxes 5 & 6 are only available as mixed assortments.

Mixed Chocolates : Holiday Giftwrap ($2.00)
Holiday Giftwrap ($2.00)