Product Ingredients

Our product manufacturer is Cococo Chocolatiers Inc.
Our policy of quality is a simple one, but is one which reflects our pride and confidence in our products: We will not make use of vegetable oils, animal fats or artificial additives in order to reduce costs or extend the shelf life of our products.

Chocolate Ingredients


All of our cocoa product ingredients are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Our chocolate promotes sustainability in West Africa in support of its farming communities. Click here for more information on our manufacturer's Sustainability Policy.

We use the highest quality chocolate ingredients sourced from Barry Callebaut AG, formulated exclusively to our high standard specifications. Our couverture chocolate therefore melts and tempers easily, and is silky and mellow on the tongue.

Our bitter sweet chocolate contains a minimum of 68% cocoa, semi sweet chocolate a minimum of 60% cocoa, milk chocolate a minimum of 35% cocoa and white chocolate a minimum of 27%.

Other Ingredients

Gourmet ChocolatesThe centers (fillings) developed in our factory consist of over 50 different types with an additional 20 seasonal fillings offered at special times throughout the year. We only use the highest quality ingredients when producing the centers. No flavoring is used – only the real thing.

Fine White Chocolate

Our organic dairy products are from Ontario Canada, where regulations do not allow the use of the smallest amount of antibiotics. We import the best nuts available from around the world: hazelnuts from Turkey, organic almonds from California, walnuts from France, pecans from Texas, marzipan and praline from Belgium and pistachio from Italy. The organic cane sugar we use is only partially refined so as to keep all its minerals and retain its licorice, molasses and honey flavor.